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E.R.E.S RURAL: Rural spaces for entrepreneurship and knowledge

Our foundation promotes the management for the construction, provision and operation of rural training centers and ancestral knowledge E.R.E.S RURAL


Therapy and rehabilitation with 3D orthoses for the rural sector

These orthoses will aid in the therapy and recovery of trauma and injuries to the upper extremities of the rural community, caused by physical exertions that exceed the normal capacities of the body and joints.

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Rural Health Centers

In this project, Caucarural promotes the construction of modular health eco-centers that allow meeting the requirements of care for early childhood, the elderly, and the community in general, providing the design and construction of an eco-sustainable structure and self-sustaining.

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The foundation works within the framework of the SDG sustainable development goals applied to rural communities in Cauca. In this project, all national and international cooperation strategies are linked to increase the competitiveness and sustainable development of rural communities.


Volunteering: force of social inclusion for the rural sector

The foundation links people interested in contributing their potential both on a personal, professional or logistical level. This project invites the entire community to join the volunteer campaigns to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the communities of the rural Caucano sector.


Rural research, development and innovation

The foundation has a research group, registered with the minciencias , in order to participate in the calls that involve technologies applied to agriculture and rural health.



Productive projects

In this project, rural women are empowered as a pillar of rural generational integration. Also children, youth and older adults are trained in different fields to enhance their capabilities and generate income with value-added products and services.


Comprehensive rural development

The foundation works within the framework of the sustainable development goals End of povertyZero HungerHealthEducation. We manage national and international cooperation resources in public and private entities to support our initiatives


CAUCARURAL is a non-profit organization, identified with NIT 901.365.213-7, committed to improving the quality of life of rural communities in the department of Cauca – COLOMBIA, through the formulation, management and execution of projects and initiatives that contribute to its progress, growth and sustainable development


  • Quality and coverage of public services in rural communities.
  • Democratization of science, technology and open and collaborative innovation for rural communities.
  • Rural generational integration for the eradication of poverty.
  • Territorial and environmental empowerment of the peasant and ethnic communities that live in the rural area.
  • Peacebuilding and the development of post-conflict public policies that generate inclusion and gender equality in the rural community.


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 “The planning of rural territory as an instrument of sustainable development for families in the rural sector of Cauca.”